Available Puppies

6/13/20 – All puppies are now sold or have deposits on them. If for any reason, one becomes available, we will reach out to those that have left their contact information on our Puppy Waiting List at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

Ellie and Mickie just had their third and final litter on May 3rd, 2020. They will be ready to go to their FOREVER homes in Mid-July.

They had 10 puppies!!! 5 Boys – 4 brown/white and 1 black/white and 5 Girls – 3 brown/white and 2 black/white all Standard Parti-Poodles.

We are really excited about the colors and beautiful marking they all have.

7 of them are brown and white and 3 are black and white. The previous 2 litters were mostly black and white, so to get 7 brown and white puppies was quite the surprise!

If you are interested, please leave your contact information on our Puppy Waiting List at the bottom of this page or call Laura at (714) 342-6172.

6/5/20 – In two days, they will be 6-weeks old. They are all eating very well and relying less and less on Mamma. Big appetites!

Additionally, all have had their first real baths and a grooming. Washed, blow dried, nails filed, privates, face and feet shaved and they all did well and without much fuss. Start them early for success…

The pups spend most of the day in the big backyard kennel getting sunshine and fresh air in a clean environment where they can play with our other poodles and learn about all kinds of new stuff. Big Adventures!!!

Puppy #1, born at 5:00 AM – Name: ________- Female – black and white. Beautiful markings with angel wings and a white mask and white head blaze. Now weighs 3.5 pounds.
HOLD for Gail from Sacramento, CA – Deposit Received.

Puppy #1 – Week 6

Puppy #2, born at 5:20 AM – Name: Muffy Mae – Female – white and brown, white mask and white head blaze. Now weighs 4.2 pounds.
HOLD for Gregory and Nancy, Anaheim CA. – Deposit received.

Puppy #2 – Week 6

Puppy #3, born at 5:40 AM – Name Lincoln – Male – white and brown, nice Parti markings, white spot on forehead. Now weighs 5.6 pounds.
HOLD for Dee Dee from Bakersfield, CA – Payment in full.

Puppy #3 – Week 6

Puppy #4, born at 8:00 AM – Name Lucy – Female – black and white – white muzzle, black head, white head blaze, very nice markings. Now weighs 4.4 pounds.
HOLD for Louise, in Anaheim – Payment in full.

Puppy #4 – Week 6

Puppy #5, born at 8:10 AM – Name Cody – Male – brown and white, with a tux shirt, great markings, white mask, white collar and head blaze. Now weighs 4.8 pounds.
HOLD for Deneen from New York – Deposit received.

Puppy #5 – Week 6

Puppy #6, born at 9:50 AM – Name Finnegan – Male – brown and white, brown head, white collar and white stripe back of head, white whiskers, great markings. Now weighs 4.6 pounds.
SOLD to Amelia from Irvine – Payment in full.

Puppy #6 – Week 6

Puppy #7, born at 11:00 AM – Name: Hummer – Male – brown and white, brown head, white collar, Laura says V-neck sweater, great markings. Now weighs 3.8 pounds.

SOLD to Alison of Irvine – Payment in Full.

Puppy #7 – Week 6

Puppy #8, born at 1:00 PM – Name Avalon – Female – brown and white, brown head, mostly brown with tuxedo look, very desirable markings. Now weighs 4.4 pounds.
Hold for Ali & Bill from Simi Valley, CA – Deposit received.

Puppy #8 – Week 6

Puppy #9, born at 1:20 PM – Name: Mililani – Female – brown and white, mostly white with brown zipper on the left and white on the right. Flame on head. Now weighs 4.0 pounds.
Hold for Rebekah from Los Angeles – Deposit Received

Puppy #9 – Week 6

Puppy #10, born at 1:30 PM – Name Mickie Jr. – Male – black and white, milk mouth black head, mostly white with black markings just like his Dad, Mickie. Everyday this handsome boy looks and acts more and more like his Daddy Mickie. He will be a great dog, just like his Dad. Now weighs 4.8 pounds.

HOLD for Jon and Mary of Santa Clarita Deposit Received.

Puppy #10 – Week 6

Our puppies tails are NOT docked and dew claws are not removed. We prefer our puppies to be natural like God intended them to be.

They will have their shots and worming according to the requirements for their age. We do neurological stimulation from 3 days to 16 days of age followed by Puppy Culture Training.

We begin early grooming and the puppies will be started on house training, basic training and manners. We also do Temperament Testing at age 7 weeks to help determine the best FOREVER Home placement. Raised with LOVE and lots of attention, training and simulation.

Please feel free to call or text Laura at (714) 342-6172 with any other questions.

Spectacular AKC Standard Parti Poodles.  Parti, and the Tuxedo look!!  Black and White and Brown and White with Excellent Bloodlines.  Smaller Standard/Moyen size. Home raised, extra LOVE, attention and socialization. We have incorporated the Puppy Culture Method/Program into the way we hand raise and love our wonderful puppies. All puppies will have 3rd Party Temperament Testing for recommended placement into their perfect FOREVER homes. These Standard Poodle Puppies are SPECIAL!!!

Even though we would like to keep each and every one of these special puppies, we can’t. As such, we will wan’t to make sure each of our puppies go to loving, experienced and responsible FOREVER HOMES. We are NOT going to dock tails or remove their dew claws. We feel, along with most everyone we have discussed this with, it’s not necessary. Dogs use their tails for many important things, balance and communication with other dogs are two very critical factors in our decision.  Plus, nothing is better looking than a beautiful proud poodle with a long, full natural tail, the way god intended.

Our Standard Poodle Parti Puppies will be Temperament Tested by Sherri Regalbuto. Sherri is the Owner/Moderator of “The Standard Poodle FB Group”, and the blog site justdogswithsherri. Sherri is an accomplished dog trainer and writes informative articles about people and dogs. Sherri also owes one of our pups named Riggs. If you have been to her website or facebook page, you know Riggs.

Temperment Testing is a very insightful process and we are happy to invest a little extra to learn which FOREVER homes each puppy should be placed into. With our last litter, her overall impression was, we had a really great litter of standard poodle puppies and she also picked several of her favorites. Suggestions were also given of various socializing skills each puppy could practice to become even better, which was a big plus. She recommended which ones could become great therapy poodles, which ones should go to families with kids, or which should go to quieter families, some may even become great retrievers!

After watching Sherri go through the whole process of testing each individual puppy, we highly recommend having this done. We thought we knew our puppies pretty well, but she showed us new things we were unaware of. This testing must be done by someone the puppies have never been introduced to, a stranger.  Really HAPPY we had this done! Please message or email Sherri for more information about the great work she does.

97 Ways To Create GREAT Puppies

Videos below are of our previous litters.

Ellie with her previous litter – She is a GREAT Mommy!!

These puppies, full grown, will “probably” be medium/Moyen sized Standards, around 40 pounds and stand about 20 to 24 inches tall. Of course, this is not a guarantee, it just what we expect, averaging the sizes of Mickie and Ellie, the Sire and Dam. Our previous two litters varied in size and weight from 30 to 60 pounds but most are around 40 to 45 pounds.

We think this is a perfect size. They are a lot easier to handle, walk, be around, bathe and groom, and travel with. Plus, they cuddle and hug well.

Our first Standards, Lucky and Buddy (unrelated) were really big, most considered them “Royal” sized Standards. They were nearly twice the size and weighed over 70 pounds! I remember, a lady said once, my god, that dog has camel legs. LOL! Yes, they were big, and now, after having both, we really appreciate the smaller Moyen size poodles, AND YOU WILL TOO!

Info on Ellie and Mickie – Dam and Sire

Please call Laura with questions and current availability. (714) 342-6172

Priced for Limited AKC Registration – (PET ONLY – Spay and Neuter Agreement)

We decided to reduce our previous pricing by $500 to help with transportation costs during our Nation’s current situation. They are now only $2,000, a bargain for these special pups. Puppy choice is determined by receipt of deposit. Get your deposit in quickly, they will go fast.