Standard Poodle Puppies – These SPECTACULAR Standard Parti Poodles are really FANTASTIC and all have very unique markings and color.  Tuxedo, Tri and Parti. Brown and white or black and white.  EXCELLENT Bloodlines, AKC, Temperament Tested, Smaller Standard/Moyen size.  Very SPECIAL Standard Poodle Puppies. Ready to go home NOW!

Spectacular Standard Poodles – It’s Parti Time!!
Southern California – Gorgeous Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale.

These Standard Poodle Puppies are turning out to have some really fantastic colors and unique markings. Several will have the tuxedo look, a couple we believe will be Tri-colored, and the Parti Poodles will be chocolate and white or black and white. It’s really exciting to see them grow and develop into such wonderful puppies. We got really lucky with this litter!!!

These puppies, full grown, will “probably” be medium/Moyen sized Standards, around 35 to 40 pounds and stand about 20 to 22 inches tall. Of course, this is not a guarantee, it just what we expect, averaging the sizes of Mickie and Ellie, the Sire and Dam. We think this is a perfect size. They are a lot easier to handle, walk, be around, bathe and groom, and travel with. Plus, they cuddle and hug well.

All our wonderful Parti Poodle Puppies are raised in our home with lots of love and plenty of developmental socialization. Everything they need and then some is provided. From an early age, they are introduced to our older poodles, people, kids, toys, the outdoors, the Adventure Box (video) and at 7 weeks old, we have them Temperament Tested by a professional dog trainer. This helps us get a better understanding of each puppy and which FOREVER homes they should be placed in, and what other socialization skills needs additional work. We do everything possible to give each puppy a great head start. Potty training is also started early and most will be on their way to easy housebreaking. Regular baths are given and they are lovingly introduced to the grooming process. Their faces, privates and feet are shaved, clipped and groomed. Their nails are also regularly clipped. Each puppy is given the star treatment and will look great when you take them home.

We created our birthing pen and indoor play area with an emphasis on cleanliness and safety. Our large outdoor kennel and large fenced yard is great for daytime play and discovery. There too, they are always kept clean and sanitary. We are not a puppy mill, and will never become one. Our female will only be bred two or maybe three time in her lifetime and only once a year. At age five, she will be retired to live out the rest of her life in our loving FOREVER home. We do this not for money, but for the pleasure and joy of raising beautiful loving Standard Parti Puppies that will warm their new FOREVER homes as much as they have warmed ours.


Just had our nine Standard Poodle Parti Puppies Temperament Tested by Sherri Regalbuto. The Owner/Moderator of “The Standard Poodle FB Group”, and https://www.justdogswithsherri.com

Very insightful process and really happy we invested a little extra to learn which FOREVER homes each puppy should be placed into. Her overall impression was, we had a really great litter of standard poodle puppies and she also picked several of her favorites. Suggestions were also given of various socializing skills each puppy could practice to become even better, which was a big plus. She recommended which ones could become great therapy poodles, which ones should go to families with kids, or which should go to quieter families, some may even become great retrievers!

After watching Sherri go through the whole process of testing each individual puppy, we highly recommend having this done. We thought we knew our puppies pretty well, but she showed us new things we were unaware of. This testing must be done by someone the puppies have never been introduced to, a stranger.  Really HAPPY we had this done!   Please message or email Sherri for more information about the great work she does.

For more information about the puppies we have available, and if you have a specific personality or temperament trait you are looking for, let us know.

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History of the Parti Poodle


Please call Laura for current availability and pricing. (714) 342-6172 – Puppies are ready to go home NOW!


Standard Parti poodles Standard Poodle Puppies – Southern California – Gorgeous Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale.

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